It’s almost time again for the Advent of Code – a festive, communal marathon that’s somehow way more fun than a LeetCode grind.

After a 14-day Haskell slog in 2018 and an 11.5-day Clojure run in 2019, I buckled down in 2020 and met my goals:

  1. 100% the AOC in a timely manner
  2. Take minimal Advent-specific help from r/adventofcode or the Clojurians advent channel
  3. Write reasonably idiomatic Clojure code, of reasonable quality

This year my goals are the same, with the addition of a fourth:

  1. Write my solutions in a “literate” or annotated format and post them as blogs

I’m unsure what exactly this will look like – who the audience is, what kind of commentary I might add to the source code itself – but I’m excited to kick-start my blog and spread some love for Clojure.

My solutions will also be available on my GitHub.

Comments, criticisms, ideas for improvement are welcome.